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Shattered: On the Edge of Insanity (e-book only)

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This is an e-book only.  It is normally $2.99, but we are offering it to you for only $0.99!
When attorney Richard Ratner awakens in a mental institute, his world is undone. He has been accused of killing his own child, an act of which he has no recollection. Richard escapes and sets out to uncover who really committed the murder. As an attorney, Richard knows the ins and outs of law, uncovering truths and realities that he may not want to face, but there is a lot more going on than he really understands. Unleashing the truth puts Richard on a path of danger, forcing him to face his biggest fear of all. Can he reveal the secrets of his past, or will his own fear shatter him first?
Get ready to be SHATTERED through the twists and turns of this psychological thriller. When you read the last page, you’ll want to open it again and start over, looking for clues and hints along the way.

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Shattered: On the Edge of Insanity by Jason Wallace (05:09)
An excerpt from Shattered: On the Edge of Insanity - $0.99; normally, $2.99; available as an audio book through Amazon, ACX, and iTunes. Get the audio book free with a 30-day Amazon Audio trial. Being wheeled down a dreary, dilapidated hall, Rick Ratner’s head bobbed up and down onto his shoulder. He was half conscious but had no idea where or when he was. He had never seen this place before but soon felt himself being strapped to a chair in a dimly lit room. Outside, a tumultuous storm was brewing. Lightning could be seen through the windows of each room Rick passed. The thunder crashed like sonic booms. A tree banged hard against the building, creating a loud bang and then, a very eerie scratching sound that toyed with one’s ears and mind like a crazed madman playing with his prey before the kill. “Hello, Mr. Ratner. I’m Doctor Selis. Do you remember killing your daughter?” “Killing my daughter? What the hell are you talking about,” smirked Rick. “Your daughter, Nataly… She was brutally murdered, Mr. Ratner, by you,” retorted the doctor, as if Rick had been convicted already. Sitting in the stiff chair, unable to move from shock, and from heavy restraints, Rick could think of nothing else to say. Trying to process what he had just been told seemed like some impossible task had been set before him. The doctor, exacerbated by Rick’s lack of cooperation, moved her chair a little closer to her desk and added, “Ok, Mr. Ratner, let’s try a different approach. Do you remember the night your daughter was killed?” “I don’t remember my daughter being killed at all. I do remember bits and pieces of the last time I saw her. I remember… cooking dinner. I remember Nataly telling me she got a new job, a job in Chicago. I remember not being able to deal with it… I mean, my little girl, my only child, moving so far away from me like I wasn’t important anymore. I remember dropping the pan I just took off the stove. I remember realizing, after about thirty seconds, how much my foot hurt from a heavy pan being dropped right on it.” Rick sat in his chair, his mouth still gaping open after finishing his story. As everything played out in Rick’s mind, the best that he could remember it, he tried to imagine the brutality of his daughter’s killing. There must have been blood everywhere. She must have screamed so hard. Why would no one come running over and bust in the door, he thought. “Mr. Ratner, your daughter was stabbed. She died from a knife tearing through her spleen and from a massive loss of blood, hemorrhaging,” replied the doctor. “Do you remember the knife? It was a kitchen knife. You and your daughter were in the kitchen. You grabbed a knife and stabbed her. Do you remember any of that?” “No! I DID NOT kill my daughter! I don’t remember everything in detail, but I remember a knock on the door. I remember opening the door. I remember someone pushing past me. I remember Nataly and this strange man yelling at each other. I remember stepping toward them and trying to get between them and then being pushed down and hitting my head. I can’t remember it all the greatest, but I remember small pieces… enough to paint a picture in my head.” Rick responded as if he were being accused while on the witness stand in a courtroom. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JFLTN3U?%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00JFLTN3U?%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0
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    An excerpt from Shattered: On the Edge of Insanity - $0.99; no...

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